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Introducing the StatsBlog!

Yes, we’re blogging! There  have been so many new developments at StatsLog lately that we’re really excited about and we want to share the news with our clients and everyone in the construction industry.

We’ll be sharing news about new products and features, success stories from our clients, plus tips and tricks to make contract administration more efficient. After all, that’s why we do what we do!

What’s new?

In this post we’re talking about our coverage in Award Magazine, our popular Hosted Cloud service, and Project Nomad which gives you mobile access to your project data.

Award Magazine Coverage

We’ve been featured in the most recent edition of Award Magazine! The article is called Tools of the Trade and focuses on the most advanced tools out there for architects, engineers, designers, and  contractors.

Our flagship product FIVE has been helping firms of all sizes and disciplines streamline their contract administration processes. Recently, we’ve introduced some major updates that make FIVE even more effective, including a cloud hosting service and mobile access to all of your project data. Read more about these services below or click here to read the article online.

Cloud Hosting

You want to design and build great projects, not get bogged down managing IT services. Our Hosted Cloud service has become very popular among our clients because it eliminates the need to setup, maintain, and backup your FIVE server. Reducing time on IT setup and maintenance means you can spend more time on the things you do best, designing and managing your projects.

Our Hosted Cloud service is priced to be accessible for all our clients, from a sole practitioner to multidisciplinary firms. The service starts at just $12/month, but we’re currently offering all clients 6 months of the service FREE! Contact us today to move your projects to the cloud.

Project Nomad

One of the most requested features from our clients has been to have mobile access to their project data. Our customers want to be able to review everything from Site Instructions to Certificates to Shop Drawings, whether they are on site or on the road. Introducing Project Nomad!

Nomad provides a web-interface that gives you full access to all of your project data  from any device with an internet connection. With no need to set up VPNs and no software to install, Nomad puts all your projects at your fingertips and makes sharing project info with owners and other stakeholders as easy as loading a webpage. And because we understand your data is confidential, every communication is fully encrypted, keeping your data safe while making it easier than ever to access.

Best of all, Nomad is currently available for free to everyone with a FIVE license. If you’re a client and you want to access your projects wherever you are, contact us today and we’ll set everything up.

Want to see Nomad in action? What our teaser video below!

Stay Tuned for More (We’re Just Getting Started!)

Check back here regularly for more news. Want your firm or project featured on our blog? Send us an email and tell us your story!

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