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Say Goodbye to IT Headaches

As we approach the two year anniversary of our FIVE Hosted Cloud service, we’re seeing a real uptick in the number of new and existing clients who are choosing our hosting service over running the system on their in-house infrastructure.

There’s no doubt that this is a win for our clients as they get the world’s best construction contract administration software on a service maintained by the world’s foremost experts on the platform – starting at just $5/month.*

What is the FIVE Hosted Cloud Service?

The FIVE Hosted Cloud service was developed for customers without a large IT presence or infrastructure, or for those where the existing IT department does not want to maintain a new system.

The FIVE system is split into 2 main components – the server component where all of the databases, attachments, settings, and security enforcement occurs, and the client component which is the graphical user interface where you do your construction contract administration work.

When you subscribe to the FIVE Hosted Cloud service, StatsLog maintains the server portion of the system. All that is required on your end is to install the client software on any computers where you want access to the system.

Once configured, using FIVE is not much different than going to a web page in your browser, but with all of the advantages of “native” software.

FIVE Hosted Cloud Now Includes Nomad Beta Access

Every FIVE Hosted Cloud subscription now comes with access to the Nomad beta, giving you access to your CCA data from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, tablet, or any other device with a web browser. Nomad is great for quickly checking the status of a project while you’re on site. It also lets you easily share details of your projects with owners, consultants, and others without the need for them to install any software. Learn more about Nomad here:

Project Nomad by StatsLog

Other Benefits of FIVE Hosted Cloud


Server setup and maintenance are all handled by StatsLog. There’s typically no need to configure network firewalls, antivirus exceptions, etc. Just connect and go!

Safe & Secure

All communications between you and your FIVE Hosted Cloud server are encrypted, no matter what kind of connection you are using.

All of your CCA data is automatically backed up on a regular schedule, ensuring that it is protected against loss.

Cost Effective

Save yourself time and effort, and rely less on costly IT services. For around 10 dollars per month per user*, you get all of the benefits of the FIVE Hosted Cloud service, run by the world’s foremost experts in the system – its creators!

Hosted Cloud Service from StatsLog
Save time and avoid IT bottlenecks with our Hosted Cloud service

* Price depends on license level and number of users. Unlimited user packages available.
Please contact us today for details.

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