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Jump-Start Your Forms with Stock Body Content and Live Text!

Stock Body Content

In a couple of clicks, you can set any body text as the default stock body content for any form type. Whenever you create a new document of the same type the default stock body content is automatically inserted into your form, which is a real time saver.

Live Text

Do your forms need item-specific information pasted or transcribed from your reports? With Live Text you can add field variables to the body of your forms and FIVE will automatically pull the information directly from your project database. Changes to the linked data on your report will automatically be updated on your forms, saving time and eliminating any chance for errors.

Combine These Features For More Power

You can even insert Live Text into your Stock Body Content to create standardized dynamic text for all of your forms. Dramatically cut down on the time you spend on data entry, and eliminate costly errors and omissions by using the fantastic new features of FIVE today!

Watch And Learn More

Learn more about Stock Body Content and Live Text on YouTube.

New Features. It’s What We Do!

One of the most valuable aspects of your FIVE subscription is the ongoing feature development work we do to ensure that FIVE is adaptable to your contract administration practices, as opposed to forcing you to adapt your contract administration practices to FIVE.

We consider ourselves lucky to have users who are committed to solid contract admin practices and who constantly push our software to the limit. They also give us fantastic feedback on how FIVE can be better aligned with their practices  to improve their productivity and accuracy.

Case in point: After working with FIVE for a few weeks, a new customer gave us some feedback. The advanced fixed layout and templating features of FIVE were clearly saving them time, but they were frequently typing some of the same recurring dynamic information into their body content (for example, headings and data such as References and Reason). Their feedback directly inspired the creation of Stock Body Content and Live Text, and after a bit of back and forth hammering out the details and strengthening the implementation, the work was completed within just a couple of weeks.

The best part? Stock Body Content and Live Text have been rolled out to all of our clients at no extra charge – just another example of how StatsLog is always working hard to get FIVE working faster and smarter for you.

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