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Contract Administration is a complex business. Each day you’re managing requests from contractors, emails from consultants, and issuing reports to clients, not to mention visiting the site to ensure everything is going according to plan. These are just some of the tasks that make contract admin professionals an invaluable part of every construction project. So why not highlight your skill set?

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We know our clients are experts in their domains and we want to help you build your skill profile online. LinkedIn is a great tool for business networking and building your professional reputation. Adding your skills to your profile is a simple way to demonstrate your skill set.

In addition to adding ‘Contract Admin’ to your skill profile, add FIVE by StatsLog (or simply StatsLog) and let us know. As a valued user of our contract admin software, we will gladly endorse your skills!

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At StatsLog, we’re building tools to facilitate complex contract administration, but it’s ultimately real people on the ground who are doing the work. We know these skills are in demand, because we regularly get requests for referrals. Show your competitive edge by adding these skills to your profile today.

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