Month: February 2017

Going, Going…GONE!

One thing FIVE has always done exceptionally well is make it quick and easy to distribute your construction documents. Whether it’s smart distribution lists, automatic PDF and image collation and merging, or report scheduling, distributing documentation is one task that you’ll spend a lot less time doing with FIVE than with any alternative. And guess what? It’s even faster and easier with the new Send To button, available now in FIVE by StatsLog.


“I Hate Contract Admin!”

It’s a common refrain we hear from architects. Nobody becomes an architect with a dream to hack away at spreadsheets. When you first became an architect there was a decent chance you barely even knew that contract administration was a part of the job – it’s a topic that is typically given a cursory glance at best in architecture school.

That said, contract admin can account for 25% of your fee. The problem is that most architects are spending at least that much on performing their contract administration duties, often turning the construction phase into a money pit.


What If?

What if you could get world-class help with your construction contract administration from someone with over 30 years experience in the business?

Someone who has worked with some of the biggest Canadian architectural firms, on some of the biggest projects in the country? Someone who also has experience with small and mid-size projects, and a proven track record across all kinds of buildings?

Someone adaptable to the unique needs of your practice, who can quickly and flexibly support your individuality?

Someone who can help your contract admin become more efficient, accurate, and responsive – guiding your outcomes to greater success.

Someone who is a force-multiplier – augmenting the hard work put in by those around them?

What if you could secure these skills for a fraction of the yearly salary of a typical contract administrator? Would you even need to think about it?


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