miMO - Minimum Input for Maximum Output
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Core Concepts of FIVE – MIMO

MIMO — Minimum Input for Maximum Output. It’s a core concept of FIVE that you should be able to do the minimum amount of work for the maximum result.


MIMO enhances your productivity and effectiveness as a contract administrator.

RunBe More Efficient

Less time spent typing, means more time for your other duties.

 TargetBe More Accurate

Avoiding duplication of effort ensures that your data is always accurate – summaries and totals are always correct. Since you are never transcribing or copying data between spreadsheets and documents, there is no chance of error.

Be More Aware

Need to know how many RFIs you’ve received this month? How about which project partner is responsible for the most change orders? FIVE delivers this kind of information in seconds, with no extra work required on your part to filter, compile, and summarize data from disparate traditional sources such as spreadsheets and word processor files.

MIMO and FIVE by StatsLog

MIMO is a pervasive concept in FIVE — it underlies almost every design decision we make.

Here are just a few of the ways MIMO and FIVE work for you:

Magic Wand

When you create a new item (for example a Site Instruction), a single-click of the magic wand will automatically fill-in values such as the next available sequential document number, and the current date. This saves time, and reduces the risk of error.

Form and Report Templates

Re-usable form and report templates ensure that your branding and your presentation of information are standardized. Values modified on a report are automatically propagated to your forms, so there is no duplication of effort, nor risk of transcription errors.

PDF Attachment Merging

Manual methods of collecting and merging multiple PDF files are time consuming, and prone to error. In FIVE, you can drag and drop PDF files to link them to your forms. When you email, export, or print the form, the linked attachments will be automatically merged into a single PDF document.

Summaries and Charts

Over the course of a project, you’ll enter quite a bit of data related to individual items such as contract progress and changes, notes, attachments, etc… FIVE can deliver summary reports, charts, and forms in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse. No manual work is required to collect and summarize your project data.

Project Search

What good is collecting information if you can’t easily retrieve it? FIVE has the ability to perform project keyword searches and return results in seconds. Try that across multiple spreadsheets and word processor files.

Smart Distribution Lists

It can be a death by a thousand cuts when it comes to emailing documents the traditional way. For every new message, you need to enter the email addresses of all of the interested parties. In FIVE, distribution lists are automatically recalled whenever you start a new email message, saving time.

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