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One thing FIVE has always done exceptionally well is make it quick and easy to distribute your construction documents. Whether it’s smart distribution lists, automatic PDF and image collation and merging, or report scheduling, distributing documentation is one task that you’ll spend a lot less time doing with FIVE than with any alternative. And guess what? It’s even faster and easier with the new Send To button, available now in FIVE by StatsLog.

The Send To button appears on the form and report export windows, and includes the following commands:

Document Queue

Send the active document to the document queue – when you send multiple documents here, you can email or export all of the queued documents as a single PDF file.

Project Item as Attachment

Send the active document as an attachment to another project item. For example, you might send the contract breakdown summary to the most recently issued Certificate for Payment.

Smart Folder

This feature is brand new and will be a major time saver. It’s common to want to export your documents to shared folders on your office network. Often the target folders path includes elements such as the project reference #, document type, etc… which you must manually create or navigate to whenever you want to save a document.

For example, you might save an instruction for a particular job to a path like O:\Projects\010101\Contract Admin\Site Instructions\SI 001 – MyInstruction.pdf

Now you can define dynamic folder targets like O:\Projects\<PROJECT_REFNUM>\Contract Admin\Site Instructions\<ITEM_TYPE_ABBREV> <ITEM_NUM> – <ITEM_TITLE>.pdf and any document can be sent to the appropriate folder in a click! FIVE will even create any missing folders in the path for you, saving even more time.

Explorer Item

This is another brand new feature of FIVE that mimics the Send To menu that appears in the Windows File Explorer when you right-click a file. Now you can quickly send your documents to targets such as Skype, a Bluetooth device, third party document management software, or even online storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive – directly from FIVE.

Hit Some Home Runs!

Add the awesome new Send To features to your FIVE workflow today, and start saving even more time on your contract administration!

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