Major Hosted Cloud Improvements Rolled Out! ?

We recently implemented 2 significant improvements to the FIVE server software that have dramatically improved system performance, and will result in an improved experience for our FIVE Hosted Cloud subscribers.

Have a look at this CPU load chart from one of our cloud servers that is hosting multiple FIVE subscriber services (lower is better):

The first improvement was made to a third party library that we use for network communications. When running under Windows t performs well, but on our cloud platform the higher clock rate meant the communications loop was chewing up more resources than necessary. After a small tweak, the we measured an immediate improvement in the amount of CPU cycles being consumed (the first big drop and plateau in the image above).

The second improvement was made to our custom service watchdog designed specifically for our FIVE Hosted Cloud services. It performs various maintenance tasks on the system and an issue with our timing logic was causing it to run a bit too often. Another small fix was applied, and as you can see from the chart above the CPU load improved significantly again.

The upshot of these changes? Our FIVE Hosted Cloud subscribers will notice improved system performance and have an overall better experience, all without having to lift a finger or use their own IT resources!

If you’ve been thinking of jumping on the FIVE Hosted Cloud, then there’s no better time to try it out!

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