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How Ripe Do You Like Your Software?

While in the minority, some FIVE system administrators don’t like automatic updates – they’re concerned that fresh-off-the-tree software might be a little too green.

Until now there has only been one option – to disable automatic updates entirely.  This all-or-nothing approach can be problematic because administrators are forced to manually install updates on their own time (which is always in short supply). Another problem is that their FIVE system ends up missing out on just-in-time critical updates for security patches, bug fixes, and even custom enhancements that users need to satisfy their clients.

In other words, sometimes you get green bananas, sometimes you’re stuck with brown bananas – when what you really want is a perfectly ripened yellow banana!

Introducing FIVE’s Slow Update Channel

FIVE now features an optional “slow” update channel. You can enable the slow update channel to force the system to monitor the “ripeness” of the most recently published FIVE system update. If the update remains active and unchanged for 14 days then it will be considered “ready to eat”, and be installed on your system.

The slow update channel also helps in other ways. Since the update service will remain enabled, just-in-time emergency updates will still be processed automatically. This means that if StatsLog publishes a critical update for your system, it will be applied immediately instead of being postponed indefinitely while waiting for manual installation.

For those few administrators who have decided to disable automatic updates, we think the new slow update channel will be the perfect choice – one that balances concerns about automatic updates against the need for timely updates to FIVE.

How to Enable the Slow Update Channel

If you’re happy with FIVE’s current automatic update behaviour don’t change anything! FIVE will perform exactly the same going forward regarding automatic updates.

If you would like to enable to slow update channel feature:

  1. Make sure FIVE software version 5.0.4786 or newer is installed on your server computer/VM. The latest version of FIVE is available here.
  2. On the FIVE server computer/VM, start the FIVE Services Tool.
  3. Click the More menu, then click FIVE Update Service Options.
  4. In the Update Channel section, click Slow Channel. The slow update channel will be enabled for your FIVE system.
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Photo Credit: Don Edwards, UC Davis

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