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We’re Hiring!

For over 30 years, StatsLog has been focused on creating the world’s most powerful and flexible construction contract administration software. Over that time, we’ve both witnessed and lead many changes to the industry.

In response to these changes – which have seen the roles of owners and builders expanding at the expense of the professionals – we’re doubling-down and focusing our attention on our core audience of design professionals, and we’re seeking individuals to help us deliver our unique brand of software and services to them.

The management of the project during the construction phase, and ultimately the realization of the design vision, is now being more heavily lead by the builder than ever before. This has naturally diminished the role and authority of the design professional, who are often replaced by a contract or project manager, disconnecting them from the execution of the design. – This creates a gap that exposes the project and public to risk, while potentially leaving the professional exposed to all the liability.

We believe that a vigorous reassertion of contract administration by design professionals can correct this imbalance, and this belief is at the core of our newly sought expansion.

StatsLog has often been called the best kept secret in design support software. We’ve flown under the radar for decades while maintaining a core group of supporting firms – including some of the largest in Canada – while expanding slowly but incrementally over time.

We are now embarking on a search for a work-at-home representative in each province that shares our passion for contract administration, and who has the vision and drive to help us extend our reach to new customers in their region. For a commitment of one day a week we will pay a monthly stipend to anyone taking on this role. In addition, we will pay each representative an ongoing commission as a percentage of the monthly subscription fee for any new customer that is enrolled by them with StatsLog.

To support the above, StatsLog will provide marketing material and contact lists, arrange and promote events in the areas of expansion, provide online support, and outreach to local professional associations.

If you, or someone you know, would be a good fit for this role, please contact us at hr@statslog.com with your CV.

Michael is the original and genuine article. He co-founded StatsLog Software over 30 years ago, and has been its stalwart captain ever since. He's lived and worked through the paper-digital transition, and been a driving force and champion of better contract administration through purpose-built software since the early days of the personal computer revolution.

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