A long, winding road.
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The long and winding road…

This year, StatsLog enters its 35th year of uninterrupted use in Canada’s architectural community. Over this time, we have witnessed incredible changes in technology and business practices.

What we started back in 1984 as a relatively modest replacement to “pen and paper” approaches to tracking changes to construction contracts, is now an enterprise-ready, highly customizable solution for the contract administration and documentation needs of construction projects of all shapes and sizes. In fact, over the past few years we’ve seen the usage of our software increase dramatically – from $3.5 billion in active projects in 2016 to $9.2 billion today.

Along with our customers, we’ve survived the transition from a time when architects dominated the contract administration and construction process, to a time where architects are more likely to be forced to kowtow to strong external pressures from their clients and general contractors – who’s enterprises are often an order of a magnitude larger than their own.

On the technological side, we’ve navigated the passage bridging the personal computer revolution and the advent and rise of the Cloud.

On the business side, we’ve adapted to significant consolidation of smaller architectural firms into larger US and international firms.  We’ve also established a board of directors composed primarily of architects to help us quickly identify and react to ongoing changes in the industry.

In short, we’re nimble, we’re growing, and we’re here to stay!

So what’s next for StatsLog?

In addition to our industry leading and ongoing commitment to continually improve our CCA software, we’ve recently become aware of gaps in the industry in need of solutions.

Newcomers rarely receive formal CCA education/training before reaching the workplace, nor do are they necessarily being actively mentored or apprenticed once they arrive. Yet, they are increasingly being tasked with contract administration duties early in their careers, without the benefit of having the requisite skills. Over the past few months we’ve been developing a new sample project that includes a complete set of forms and reports demonstrating best practices for contract administration. The included documents are designed to be used directly “out of the box”, hence the name of the project is “OOTB”.

OOTB has been designed to effectively demonstrate the myriad efficiencies and advantages of a purpose-built CCA solution like FIVE by StatsLog that will be of particular value to newcomers. OOTB will soon be made publicly available, so watch this space!

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