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We’ve Cued Up New Features on the Document Queue Tab

FIVE’s Document Queue tab is a handy place to collect and combine multiple documents into a single PDF for distribution. Now you can also clip and collate documents for total flexibility!

Clipping Pages Out of Documents

Sometimes you’ll receive a multi-page PDF (such as a collection of shop drawings), from which you are only interested in a few pages. Simply drag and drop the PDF onto the Document Queue and then click the Burst PDF Icon Burst button to split the document into individual pages. Preview any page by clicking the Open Icon Open button, and delete any unwanted pages by clicking the Remove Icon Remove button. It’s a snip!

Collating Documents

Have you accidentally collected documents in the wrong order within the queue? No problem! Simply drag & drop documents into the right order, and when you combine the queue everything will come out just right.

Simple – and Available Now!

That’s all there is to it! Just make sure you have the latest version of FIVE and you can use the new features of the Document Queue tab right now.

Want to know more about the Document Queue tab?

Learn all about every feature of the Document Queue tab at the new FIVE documentation site.

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