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If it’s a Question of Size…

Some prospective customers are a bit surprised by the size of StatsLog. We’re a small company and that will naturally raise some questions – especially from larger enterprises. Let’s answer these questions head-on.

Can we effectively support your CCA team?

Absolutely! Our customers include some of the largest architectural, engineering, and interior design firms in Canada, many of which we have supported for years – even decades. Our software and team proves itself again and again, across projects large and small. We’re currently helping our customers administer approximately 9 billion dollars in active construction contracts.

It’s a testament to the quality of our software and the experience of our team that we can support the unique needs of many firms, each with CCA staff many times our size. Based on our track record and 5-star customer service rating at, we’re confident we can support your team too.

Are we around for the long haul?

Yes! We’ve already been at this for over 35 years – an absolute eternity in the software business. StatsLog practically invented CCA software back in 1984, and you won’t find a company that’s been doing it better or longer. We are fully committed to continuing our work as a top CCA software solution provider in perpetuity.

Are we responsive to changes to your business and the industry as a whole?

Undoubtedly! Our small team maintains a laser-like focus on continually developing, improving, and supporting the best construction contract administration tools for your business.

Keeping things small and focused allows us to provide a personal software experience unlike anything you can expect from larger software companies. Our customers’ needs are quickly and directly connected to the decision makers at StatsLog, allowing us to be nimble and responsive to changes in your business and the industry as a whole.

Get the Statslog Advantage

Construction contract administration is a niche market, but it’s critical work that turns design into reality. We’re happy to have carved out our space in this niche, and would be even happier to include you alongside the impressive list of customers that are taking advantage of our advantages.

StatsLog Customer Snapshot
Just a few of our amazing customers!

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