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The Document Web, Untangled

“The SI is connected to the PCO, the PCO’s connected to the CO…” as the old song goes. And while there’s often a single straight line connecting a series of individually issued documents, there are also times where the real-world issues described by your CCA documents touch each other in web of relationships.

For example, an SI might be related to a few RFIs and some other SIs. You may also want to link it to a particular work item on the Contracts tab.

It is now possible to link multiple documents together in FIVE using the new Other References feature!

Getting Started

We’re rolling out the new feature in stages, so you will need to confirm that you have Software Version 5824 or higher. You can see what software version you have by looking at the bottom-left corner of the welcome page when you start FIVE:

Software Version 5824 is installed.

If you have an older version on your computer, hang tight! The update will arrive soon.

Once you’ve confirmed that you are up-to-date, you can add the Other References column to any report as follows:

  1. Click a tab where you want to use the Other References column.
  2. Right-click the column header area, then click Add a new column to this report:
  1. When the Column List window appears, type other into the Search for columns box, then double-click the Other References row to select it, and then click Add:
1. Type “other”, 2. Double-click “Other References”, 3. Click “Add”

The Other References column will now appear on your report and you are ready to start linking!

Using the Other References Feature

Click the Link button in any Other References cell. The Select Other References window appears, showing a list of every project item:

The Select Other References window shows every item logged in the project.

You can double-click any item in the list to link it to the current item:

The Select Other References window with 2 linked items.

Once you’ve linked all the items, click the OK button to save your selections.

That’s all there is to it! When you export a PDF, your report will show all of the referenced items for quick and easy review:

An exported PDF report showing Other References for each SI (where applicable).

Still Using Word and Excel for Contract Admin?

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