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Home Improvements

To round out the year, we’ve been hard at work on a major performance update for FIVE and the FIVE Hosted Cloud service.

Once systems have been updated, all users will notice improved performance when switching tabs and updating cells.

Hosted Cloud users will notice even better performance thanks to a new Cloud-side caching feature that ensures all project data is pre-computed and ready to serve to your computer as quickly as possible. This feature is especially noticeable when opening large projects and switching to tabs with a lot of items.

Hosted Cloud users will also benefit from our new threaded cell update feature that makes data entry quicker. When you update a cell value, cascading calculations will be performed in the background so you can continue working while calculations are being made. When the calculations are complete, information on your screen will be updated in a flash!

Before & After Performance Chart

We hope you enjoy the boost, and we wish you all the best for 2021!

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