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“Sometimes doing your best is not good enough…

…Sometimes you must do what is required.”

― Winston S. Churchill

Our friends over at NXL Architects have been customers for many years, and they are real power users of our software. They’ve recently been working hard on a new standard set of reports, forms, and CCA processes, and as a result, they have been hitting FIVE hard in just about every area. We’ve been discussing ways to improve the software along the way – from better workflows, to new features, bug fixes, to feature enhancements – and the end result is that all users will benefit from the changes we’ve been working on.

Thanks to NXL’s valuable and constructive feedback, we just added one small feature that can make a big difference for the consistency and completeness of your contract admin documentation.

When you create a new document in FIVE, there are a few fields that are required by default (like the document type, number, date, and title). When you try to create a new document without the required information, you will be stopped and asked to enter it. This ensures that the minimum amount of information is provided to keep everything organized and discoverable.

NXL reported that it would be great if additional fields outside the default set could be required, as this would reduce the training burden when onboarding new users. What if the software itself said “Hey, you’re missing some useful information here!” rather than force the user to remember everything that needs to be entered in order to produce a document that is up to the company standard? We agreed that this would indeed be a useful feature!

Now you can mark any editable field as required. Simply right-click the column header, and then click Required (requires FIVE Admin permission):

When prompted, confirm that you want the field to be required, et voilà! The next time anyone tries to save an item without an entry in the required column, they will be prompted to enter the required info:

That’s all there is to it! This feature is available in the latest version of FIVE, so you can enforce a higher level of CCA documentation quality and consistency today.

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