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Won’t You Please, Please Help Me?

No two companies do their construction contract administration exactly the same way. We’ve designed FIVE to be as flexible as possible so that our software helps you do things your way, not our way. Because of this, our documentation is broad, generic, and useful at a high-level to the wide variety of architectural, engineering, and interior design firms that use FIVE.

Some of our customers have developed a more personalized layer of internal documentation that describes their unique processes and workflows as they relate to FIVE. Storing this custom documentation where it is easily discoverable and within arms reach of all users can become an issue. To make this easier, you can now keep all your custom user guides in the Help menu of FIVE!

The FIVE Help menu showing custom help guides for “ArchiCo” employees

Any number of PDF documents can be attached to the FIVE Help menu by a FIVE system administrator. In the example image, you can see the custom help menu entries for the fictitious ArchiCo company. One guide (called Getting Started with FIVE at ArchiCo in our example) take the top spot in the menu, and all other custom guides will appear in the More ArchiCo Guides sub-menu. When a user clicks any guide in the menu, it will open in the default PDF reader for quick and easy reference.

Attaching Documents to the FIVE Help Menu

Attaching documents to the help menu requires access to the FIVE Administrator’s Tool. In the admin tool, click the Files tab, and then click the Help Documents sub-tab:

On the Help Documents page, click the Add button (near the right edge of the window) and then select your custom PDF documentation. You can change the order that the documents will appear in the menu by selecting any document and then click the up/down buttons to move the document up/down the list. Remember – the first document in the list is your showcase document that will appear in the prime spot at the top of the Help menu.

Once you’ve configured the list the way you like, click the Save button. The guides will be uploaded to the system, and the next time users start FIVE, the updated items will appear in the Help menu.

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