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Drag & Drop Email Messages as Attachments

You have always been able to drag & drop an email message onto a document in FIVE to grab the email’s attachments and store them in FIVE. But thanks to a feature request from users at Strasman Architects, you can now easily attach email message content as a PDF with a vastly simplified workflow.

The Old Way

The old workflow for attaching an Outlook email message to a FIVE item as a PDF looked something like this:

The old message attaching workflow

That’s a lot of steps, especially for something you have to do many times a day.

The New Way

Here’s the new workflow:

The new message attaching workflow

Now that looks better!

The Details

When you drag & drop an email from Outlook message onto a document, you will now be asked if you want to include the email message content:

Click YES to include the email message as an attachment.

If you want to attach the email message Yes, include the email message as an attachment option, and FIVE will convert the email to a PDF an include it in the attachments list.

Select the No, do not include the email message as an attachment option, and FIVE will behave as it did prior to this update.

If you want to stop seeing the message attachment window (and eliminate one more step from your workflow), select Always use the selected option before selecting the Yes/No option.

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