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Scheduling Reports for Automatic Delivery

How would you like to do less work? If you spend any time hopping between projects and tabs to build and deliver specific reports on a regular and recurring basis, then you’re working too hard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to offload this work to someone else? Let FIVE do the heavy lifting!

Introducing the FIVE Report Scheduler

FIVE can automatically deliver any report with its Report Scheduler feature.

Does your client want a list of unapproved change orders delivered every Friday? No problem! Do you want a list of all unanswered RFIs every Monday? No problem! Maybe you’d like to send a report of shop drawings pending review to those you are waiting on? No Problem!

The FIVE Report Scheduler

The FIVE Report Scheduler makes it easy to configure delivery rules and takes care of the time-consuming process of opening projects, building reports, and sending emails on your behalf. It’s literally “set it and forget it”.

Let’s Get Scheduling

To create a new delivery schedule, select the report that you want to schedule and click the Report Scheduler Icon Report Scheduler button in the action bar:

Click the Report Scheduler button to open the Report Scheduler window.

Schedule delivery days by double-clicking the day you want to activate. Then select the appropriate contacts (by role or email address), projects (all or a selection), and add a message that will be delivered along with the report PDF.

You can test any schedule before committing to it by clicking the Send Now button. Once you are happy with the results, click OK and your settings will be saved. Reports will be sent at around midnight on the days that have been scheduled. Enjoy your new free time!

Need Some Help?

If you would like more details about the features of the FIVE Report Scheduler, check out the Report Scheduling Guide in the FIVE Help menu:

The Report Scheduling Guide is in the FIVE Help menu

Or contact us at or 1-800-266-4068.

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