LWG Architectural Interiors Chooses the FIVE Hosted Cloud

We’re very happy to welcome LWG Architectural Interiors to the FIVE Hosted Cloud!

We’ve worked hard alongside the LWG team to roll-out a series of new features and enhancements to meet their exacting design guidelines and brand standards – something that the StatsLog team is uniquely positioned to deliver to its clients.

About LWG Architectural Interiors

LWG Architectural Interiors is an Ottawa-based design firm specializing in creating custom interiors for commercial properties, and their portfolio includes a wide range of award winning office designs that focus on creating innovative and functional spaces that reflect their clients’ personalities and needs. LWG incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly design practices, and works closely with their clients throughout the entire design process – from the initial consultation to the final installation – to ensure that the end result meets their expectations and vision.

LWG Architectural Interiors was founded in 1994, and have grown to become a well-established and respected design firm. LWG is a team of experienced designers and project managers who have completed numerous projects throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas, and have developed a reputation for their high-quality work and attention to detail.

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