Author: Jason Peter Brown

Jason has been a StatsLogger since 1998, when he first cut his teeth on the transition from StatsLog 3.0 to StatsLog4. Today he builds and hones the FIVE system based on his experience and the invaluable feedback of longtime customers.
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Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Our good friends at Low Hammond Rowe Architects recently reached out with a request for a small time-saving feature, and we were happy to oblige.

It’s now possible to switch between different views (report, form, attachments, etc…) from the location bar near the top of the FIVE window. For fans of keyboard shortcuts, each view also has a hotkey assigned for the ultimate in view switching speed!

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Milestone: $10B Construction Contracts Administered with FIVE by Statslog

In November 2020, we reached an impressive milestone: $10 Billion worth of construction contracts are now active on our customers’ servers and are being successfully administered with the help of our unrivaled CCA solution! This represents an increase of over $1 Billion year-on-year.

We’re proud of the growth of FIVE and the support our software gives to a diverse group of architectural, engineering, and interior design firms. During these uncertain times, it is reassuring to see such growth in the industry, and we’re optimistic about the continued success of our customers in 2021.

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The Document Web, Untangled

“The SI is connected to the PCO, the PCO’s connected to the CO…” as the old song goes. And while there’s often a single straight line connecting a series of individually issued documents, there are also times where the real-world issues described by your CCA documents touch each other in web of relationships.

For example, an SI might be related to a few RFIs and some other SIs. You may also want to link it to a particular work item on the Contracts tab.

It is now possible to link multiple documents together in FIVE using the new Other References feature!

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Book an Online Presentation

Sometimes seeing is believing. Despite our decades in the business with a singular focus on construction contract administration solutions, our unrivaled client list, and impressive accolades, we understand that you want to be absolutely sure that FIVE will work for you and your CCA team.

Let us take you on a personal tour of FIVE, where we will answer all of your questions about how our solution will integrate with your CCA workflows and improve your project outcomes.

There’s no commitment and nothing to lose, so book your free online tour of FIVE by StatsLog today!

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