September 3, 2017 Michael Copas No comments

Approval Based Contract Administration

Reprinted with permission from CIO Review Magazine. StatsLog is proud to be named one of CIO Review Magazine’s Top 20 Most Promising Construction Technology Solution Providers for 2017! The success behind a thriving architect is not only his designing skills but also his impeccable administrative eminence to dexterously handle a project. While honing their professional […]

June 20, 2017 Michael Copas No comments

Introduction to Construction Contract Admin – Change Management

During construction, clients see evidence of your services most often through the Contract Administration (CA) forms that you issue. In Canada, these forms usually begin with CCDC 24 – 1996 – a guide to model and support documents. This blog will examine a few of the common CA form types that you can quickly and easily issue […]

January 12, 2017 Michael Copas No comments

Withholding Funds During Construction

Holdback, retainage, and withholding are all terms used to describe monies withheld from the Contractor by the Owner. In Ontario, holdback is legislated as a percentage of the progress of work, and is intended to protect employees on a project site. Many contracts also include special funds, and I have given them a different name […]