Hariri Pontarini is now on the FIVE Hosted Cloud

Like many other clients over the past few years, long-time client Hariri Pontarini recently migrated their privately hosted FIVE construction contract administration server to our secure FIVE Hosted Cloud platform.

Our team managed the automated migration, which was remotely initiated and monitored overnight to minimize the involvement of Hariri Pontarini’s IT department and avoid downtime for the CCA staff. Our automatic redirection system ensured that all users were able to get back online quickly and easily, without any issues.

According to Hariri Pontarini’s IT department, the migration from local server to our cloud server was one of the smoothest Cloud migrations in their history. That’s something we are very proud to hear!


With Links, From Me to You

When it comes to email, one size does not fit all.

Even though most mailboxes accept email messages of 25 megabytes or more, it’s not uncommon for some to be limited to 5 or 10 megabytes. It also not unusual for your CCA documents to exceed that size, especially when they include a lot of images and drawings.

The traditional approach is to publish large documents to your FTP/SFTP site, or a third party file service. This works fine, but can be time consuming – you have to export the document, upload it to the service, and copy & paste the link back into your email message.

We wanted to make things a bit easier for you, so now you can send document attachments as links in just a click – right from FIVE!


Won’t You Please, Please Help Me?

No two companies do their construction contract administration exactly the same way. We’ve designed FIVE to be as flexible as possible so that our software helps you do things your way, not our way. Because of this, our documentation is broad, generic, and useful at a high-level to the wide variety of architectural, engineering, and interior design firms that use FIVE.

Some of our customers have developed a more personalized layer of internal documentation that describes their unique processes and workflows as they relate to FIVE. Storing this custom documentation where it is easily discoverable and within arms reach of all users can become an issue. To make this easier, you can now keep all your custom user guides in the Help menu of FIVE!

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