The Information tab appears when you start FIVE, and can also be accessed by clicking the tab identified by the The Information tab icon icon in the tab bar near the top of the FIVE window:


Figure 29 The information tab

The information tab provides quick access to projects, information about your user account and software version, news, and links to StatsLog resources on the web.


Figure 30 The FIVE Information Page

A Start a new project

Click to start the New Project Wizard and follow the steps to create a new project.

For more information on creating new projects, see the Creating a New Project section.

B Open the last used project

Click to open the last used project.


This button only appears if you have previously opened a project.

C Find another project to open

Click to see a list of all projects available on your system.

For more information on opening projects, see the Opening an Existing Project section.

D User and software information

The software version appears here. If you contact StatsLog Support for help, please provide this number with your query.

Click your name & email address link to configure user account settings, or switch user accounts.

Click the copyright link to see copyright information.

E News and links News about StatsLog and FIVE will occassionally appear here. You can also visit us at, the StatsBlog, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn by clicking the image links.