All your contract administration information is organized into tabs of related information in FIVE. After creating or opening a project, the tab bar appears in a strip near the top of the FIVE window:

The FIVE Tab Bar

Figure 10 The tab bar appears near the top of the FIVE window. Each tab hosts information related to a particular set of CCA functions.

FIVE’s tabs have been designed to accommodate a comprehensive collection of contract administration documents and related information. From left to right, the tabs are:

The Information tab icon Information

Information about your user account, software version, news, tips, and links to StatsLog resources on the web.

See the INFORMATION TAB section for more information about this tab.

The Project Homepage tab icon Project Home

Automatically summarized and charted project data, configure project variables and settings, and search for information across multiple tabs.

See the PROJECT HOMEPAGE TAB section for more information about this tab.

The Document Queue tab icon Document Queue

Queue and attach multiple PDF files, then merge and distribute them as a single PDF.

See the DOCUMENT QUEUE TAB section for more information about this tab.

Tab icon Budgets

A list of pre-tender budget items, typically showing a dollar value per general work division (e.g. Concrete @ $500,000.00, Masonry @ $150,000.00, etc..).

Values on this tab are useful for comparison against the values of linked items on the post-tender Contracts tab.

See the BUDGETS TAB section for more information about this tab.

Tab icon Contracts

A list of post-tender contracted work items - sometimes called breakdown items or schedule of values. Typically a list of individual specification items, organized by work division (e.g. Concrete, Masonry, etc…).

The items listed on this tab constitute what is typically called the original contract, which is comprised of specific Scope of Work items and general funds such as Allowances and Contingencies.


FIVE supports 5-digit MasterFormat 1994, 6-digit MasterFormat 2018+, as well as custom spec number formats.

If you setup your list of contract items to match the list provided by the general contractor (often called a Progress Billing), it will be easier to update progress, discover billing discrepancies, and resolve disputes.

Tab icon Requests

A list of requests requiring further action, typically Requests for Information (RFIs) from the contractor. You can also use this tab to log any kind of request that you want to track, such as phone calls, emails, and conversations.

Each request is assigned a “reply by” date which allows you to see colour coded due status and time to reply.

Each request can be closed if no further action is required, or linked to a subsequent Instruction, Notice, or Order. This makes it possible toeasily trace the source of work that impacts the contract price or time (e.g. a Change Order).


Request for Information (RFI) and other communications of similar intent are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Instructions

A list of instructions from the architect to the contractor, often called Site Instructions (SI) or Architect’s Instructions (AI).

Instructions are typically issued to vary or postpone the work, remedy workmanship, goods, and/or materials that are not in accordance with the contract, and to carry out tests and/or inspections.

When an instruction leads to a variance to the work, it will require a follow-up notice from the architect or quote from the contractor, which will be logged and linked on the Notices and Quotes tabs respectively.


Site Instruction (SI), Architectural Instruction (AI), and other documents with similar names and purposes are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Notices

A list of notices from the architect to the contractor. Notices are commonly known by many names, including: Change Notices, Proposed Change Orders, Contemplated Change Orders, and Change Directives.

It is expected that a notice will result in a variance to the work, and therefore a corresponding change to the contract price and/or time. Notices will typically elicit a quote from the contractor, which - once approved - will result in an order from the architect to authorize the works. These resultant documents will be logged and linked on the Quotes and Orders tabs respectively.


Change Notice (CN), Change Directive (CD), Contemplated Change Order (CCO), Proposed Change (PC), and other documents with similar names and purposes are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Quotes

A list of work quotations from the contractor. These are typically linked to a Notice, but can also be linked to a Request or Instruction.

Once approved, quotes are linked to an Order as an adjustment to the contract value and/or time, or as a withdrawal from an allowance or contingency fund on the Contracts tab.

Tab icon Orders

A list of orders for variances to the work, or withdrawals from allowances/contingency funds.


Change Order (CO), Cash Allowance Draw (CAD), Authorization to Expend From Contingency (AEC) documents and other documents with similar names and purposes are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Progress Items

A list of work items for which progress is trackable and updateable. This list is a combination of the scope of work items from the Contracts tab and the approved contract additions and deletions, draws from allowances, and expenditures from contingencies from the Orders tab.


This tab makes it quick and easy to update progress before issuing a Certificate for Payment (CFP) on the Certificates tab,

Tab icon Certificates

A list of certificates for payment verified by the architect that the noted work has been completed, and payment to the general contractor must be made by the project owner.


Certificate for Payment (CFP) documents are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Reviews

A list of periodic reviews conducted at the construction site by the architect or representative of the architect. The goal of a review is to determine whether construction of the work substantially complies in all respects with the design drawings and contract as originally prepared for the work. Reviews also help the architect keep their client, the general contractor, and consultants informed about the quality of work, ensuring that there is ample time to remedy non-conforming work.


Site Review (SR), Field Review Report (FRR), Deficiency Review (DR), and other documents with similar names and purposes are logged om this tab.

Tab icon Review Items A list of individual observations linked to documents on the Reviews tab. These items will appear in the body text of linked review and subsequently issued reviews until they are closed.
Tab icon Submittals

A list of submittal review documents.


Submittal Review, Transmittal, and other documents with similar names and purposes are logged on this tab.

Tab icon Submittal Items A list of individual shop drawings and samples logged for review. These items can be linked to documents on the Submittals tab, and appear in the body text of the linked document. The status of submittal items can be individually tracked as Reviewed, Reviewed as Noted, Rejected, etc…
Tab icon Correspondences A list of miscellaneous correspondence items related to the project such as memos, faxes, phone call records, etc..
Tab icon Sketches A list of architectural sketches.


Tab names may be different than the default names shown above, as they can be customized. However, the CCA information related to each tab will be the same regardless of the tab name.